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Photography Tips, Tricks & Fixes - Volume 3 (Revised Edition)

Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2016 | ISBN-10: 1785462776 | ISBN-13: 978-1785462771 | English | 196 pages | True PDF | 56 MB

Photography has always been a popular hobby, but with professional-grade equipment now more available and affordable than ever before, more and more people are picking up a camera for the first time. The right equipment will only get you so far, however, and to truly take your photos to the next level, you’ll need a good understanding of what makes a great picture. That’s where Photography Tips, Tricks & Fixes comes in. In this bookazine we’ll teach you essential techniques to enliven your landscapes, enhance your portraits, sharpen your macro shots and more. Every step of the process is covered – from preparation, to shooting, to post-production – so no matter what stage of a project you’re at, you’ll discover outstanding advice to edge you over the finishing line. Our Tips section will give you a comprehensive overview of popular areas of photography, from panoramic landscapes to monochrome. In the Tricks section, we’ll cover a host of exciting projects, including shooting a film noir portrait and assembling composite images. And finally, in the Fixes section we’ll show you how to edit your images, for example by recovering those you thought were beyond saving by rescuing highlights and editing exposure. Read on and help your photography to realise its true potential.

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