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All About History - Book Of The First World War 3th Edition

Imagine Publishing Limited | 2016 | English | ISBN: N/A | True PDF | 180 pages | 36 MB

The First World War shaped the world in which we live today. The number of countries that were involved made it impossible to not have a long-lasting effect, whether negative or positive. There are those who believe it should never have happened, those who feel it was absolutely necessary, those by whom it is respectfully celebrated and those by whom it is quietly remembered. Views will, naturally, differ between nations and individuals, and this book delves deep into the battles and people. Featuring:
On the frontline – Learn about the battles and offensives fought on all fronts, at land and at sea
Behind the scenes – Discover what life was like back home, including the role of women and literary influences
Trench life – Find out what life was like for the soldiers of the First World War
The exhibits – Experience first-hand accounts of the war, with personal letters, diary entries, reports and maps

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