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Real Crime - Book of Serial Killers

Imagine Publishing Limited | 2015 | English | ISBN: 1785462199 | True PDF | 164 pages | 96 MB

As depraved as it is fascinating, the murky world of the serial killer has captivated us for centuries. Committing crimes of unspeakable horror, for the vast majority of us it’s impossible to comprehend what would lead our fellow men and women to undertake such harrowing acts, often against total strangers and innocent victims. Part of what makes serial killers so compelling is trying to understand what leads people to carry out such terrible acts; is it nature or nurture? What must have happened in their lives to lead them to this point? Why do they do it? What satisfaction do they get? And just how do they evade capture for long enough to kill multiple victims, in some cases running into the hundreds? In this book you’ll find answers to some of these questions, and discover the gruesome details of their most evil acts. Packed with interviews with the killers, crime scene photos, case histories, court testimonies and much more, the world’s most notorious murderers are featured within these pages, from American psychos such as Ted Bundy, Edmund Kemper, Gary Ridgway and Dennis Rader to British butchers including Peter Sutcliffe, Harold Shipman, Fred West and Kenneth Erskine. On top of that, you’ll discover the shocking battle to become Russia’s most prolific killer and the German monster who terrorised a community for years. So if you’re ready, let’s take a look inside the minds of the world’s deadliest serial killers…

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